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In Search of Number SixDamon Timm : In Search of #6

Kindle AU$1.00

This is an extraordinary book. Despite the title, there is no search for Number Six – she (the sixth girl to have kissed the author) is encoutered (and kissed) at the very beginning. The rest is pining for her by a lovestruck puppy (the author).

Stranger still, the chapters are named after ancient rituals for worshipping the supernatural – Matins, Laude, Prime, Terce, Sexts, Nones. Just why remains mysterious, other than that they follow an hours-of-the-day type sequence. Certainly, as the story unfolds, Damon Timm confirms (to this reviewer) that he believes that we humans are supernatural but that scarcely differentitates him from almost all of his countrypeople – but what does any of this have to do with cycling or, even, the search for the already-found #6?

Part travelogue and part memoir, In Search of #6 is the story of the trials and trails of a man, a best friend, two bicycles, three US Pacific coast states, four dispersed campsites, five tyres, seven post-prandial naps, twenty-one dozen eggs, almost 2000 kilometres, 4500 metres of climbing, and the search for a single kiss (number six in Damon's life – or so he would have us believe).

It is a tale of love, friendship, lactic acid, achilles tendons, mistaken identities, false promises, broken dreams, large mountains, an enduring friendship, childhood reminiscence, Umberto Eco, overused comic ploys and considerable merriment.

Originally released as a audiobook/podcast in 2006, it is now available from Amazon's Kindle Store. It is, probably, worth the asking price.


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